Vrsac, a town of 40.000 inhabitants, is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Vojvodina. It is situated on the edge of the Panonian Plain, on the slopes of the Vrsac Mountain, only 14km far from the Romanian border.

Either you have come here for a business visit (to some of Vrsac companies), sports visit (to the Centar Millennium) or just for pleasure we would like to recommend sightseeing tours for all visitors. History, culture and tradition in Vrsac are closely related to viniculture and that’s the main reason why you should come on our “Wine road”.

While in Vrsac don’t miss to visit: the Bishop’s Palace from 18 century, City hall from 18 century, Catholic Cathedral “St Gerhard” from 1863, Orthodox Church St Nokolaj from 1785, Vrsac Tower from 14 century, museum, etc. You should also visit the famous theatre “Sterija”. You can also escape into green oasis in our main park, which makes people from Vrsac very proud on since it is the oldest in Vojvodina and dates back to 1797. As an ideal place for a break is Vrsac square, bursting with coffee shops, this represents a great mixture of various architectonic styles from 18 and 19 century.

Vrsac is surrounded by mountains bringing fresh mountain air. Over 1750ha of vineyards are planted on the slopes of the Vrsac Mountains. Company “Vrsacki vinogradi” (Vrsac vineyards) is open for sightseeing of the most spacious wine cellars in the Middle Europe. Near by villages Gudurica and Veliko Srediste cherish wine tradition and numerous houses have private wine cellars. “Wine road” tour provides wine tasting and visits to wine cellars. For those adventurous visitors we can recommend panoramic flight with one of the best Flight Academy in Europe. Also don’t miss to visit Vrsac Tower from 14 century, which is symbol of the city and environment.

It is nice to visit Vrsac on special occasions such as: Wine fest “Grozdjebal”, The Wreath of Vrsac – an international folk festival, Days in memory of Vasko Popa, Colony painting – Paja Jovanovic, Chess tournament - Bora Kostic, Bike race – Balkan Championship.

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